Kathryn Thomas

Holistic Life Guide


Ace of Pentacles

What is tarot?

There are 78 cards in a tarot deck, 22 cards that represent the different stages of our lives and 56 that show the different situations we may find ourselves in. Tarot cards can be used to gain clarity on a past event, discover where you are in the present, or even what may happen in the future.


How I use tarot

Tarot is a tool I use for clarity and for guidance. It is not the cards themselves that give me answers but, my guide and Spirit. The cards help me to hear, feel, and see the messages clearly. I use the cards to receive messages about my business, about what lessons I should be learning from a situation, about what my next steps should be in life. I can also ask about the more mundane—Should I go to this party? What could happen if I do? What could happen if I don’t?

The types of questions that can be answered are many, however, there are certain questions I don’t ask. I do not ask about how I will die. I do not ask questions that impose on the free will of others (“How can I get X to do Y?”) I do not ask any questions that may cause harm to others.

I encourage you to look at the tarot as a way to connect with your guide(s) and your higher power to get answers and a clear path forward.