Kathryn Thomas

Holistic Life Guide


Let’s work together!

What is a session with me like? It’s like talking to a friend who moonlights as a priest when not working as a go-go dancer. Okay, not sure what I meant by that except to say that it’s fun and that I will keep your confidences.

Your very first session will take about 2 hours, after that they can be as short as 30 minutes. For the first appointment, we will go through many different levels and modalities. After that, we may only use one modality, like meditation or reiki during your session.

(Here’s an in-depth description of a first session.)


Price list

First session, with multiple modalities: $120 for 2 hours

Individual modalities:

* Tarot reading – $50 per hour

* Reiki or transcendental dowsing – $30-$50/30-60 min

* Guided meditation – $20 per ½ hour

* Essential oil blend – $15 per blend