Water Flows

I was deep into my feelings on Sunday. Deep deep. Oh everything about my situation was wrong and there was nothing good on the horizon. I was panicking, arms flailing.

If you know me, you know I can be very dramatic. It’s my thing.

In the afternoon, I watched Quantum of Solace (the Bond movie) and then I listened to “Another Way To Die,” (the opening song for it) on repeat.

In the evening, I went into yoga setting the intention of receiving my own quantum of solace. (I love Bond movies, btw, I was gonna be Bond when I grew up. The female version.)

The song, combined with 1 1/2 hours on the mat, was like a little life preserver. 

I don’t want to revisit that particular funk, but I also won’t forget it. It was a part of me and I’m doing my level best to accept all of me.

This week’s card is the 8 of Cups. Cups and water represent emotions and feelings in tarot. The figure is moving away from what has been, but left them stacked neatly to show them the respect they deserve.

Before him are new waters to explore. Maybe he’ll flow right through, maybe he’ll tread some, maybe he’ll feel like he’s drowning. But as before, he’ll put them into their respective cups, stack them neatly, and then move along.

There are also mountains to climb and valleys to visit, but he has before and he will again. But even through, and around them, water flows.

Those feelings I had? They’re done. There are new ones coming. I’ll immerse myself in them and then let them go.

But if I feel like I’m drowning, I’ll look for that life preserver and remember that water flows and so should I. So should you.

Song by Klyne, “Water Flows”