Kindred – Word of the Weekend

We know the phrase kindred spirit. It’s someone that we feel a deep connection to, someone we share values with, someone who sees things pretty much the way we do. Someone that gets us and we get them too.

I’ve been fortunate, all of the friends that I have are kindred spirits. Sure, I’ve got acquaintances, but my real friends are friends for life. We may not speak for months at a time, but we’re able to pick up right where we left off.

I want to try something new, I want to be my own kindred spirit. Is that possible? Is it possible to have a deep connection with myself? What about knowing and holding my own values? Or, how about understanding and approving of me?

I know how often I disapprove of myself, but what if I gave myself the thought and consideration I do to my friends?

That’s what I’d like you to meditate on this weekend. How much of a kindred spirit are you to yourself? How often do you approve of your thoughts and actions?

Give that gift to yourself. Get to know yourself. Don’t judge, see yourself for who you are. You may find another kindred spirit.