Word:  Simplicity / Card:  9 of Swords

But my hands are tied…

Are they really? Use one of those swords and cut that rope. Make life easier on yourself. Nothing you’re doing has to be this hard. Make it simple.

Swords are about the mind, about the mental energy we spend on ourselves and others.

Okay, you committed to someone (even to yourself) that you’d do that thing. Remember you said yes, but you really knew  it was a no?

It’s one thing to put in effort, to challenge yourself, it’s another to feel you have no breathing room, nowhere to go, bound and constricted.

You know when you want to kick some ass and be your awesome self. You also know when that shit just ain’t gonna happen.

Next time try this. When a new opportunity comes along, does you stomach bottom out or are you exhilarated?

So, that thing that’s got you all bunched up right now? You can let it go in a graceful way. “I want this to be the best for you, and that may not be what you get from me right now.”

It sounds easy to say, difficult in practice. Who wants to disappoint someone? Not only do we not want to disappoint, we don’t want to seem as though we make mistakes.

That’s what it’s really all about, being scared to let someone else see you as flawed and not in control. You don’t want to be that vulnerable, to others or to yourself.

Fuck that.

Being vulnerable isn’t a flaw, it’s you in the raw. That’s ok! It’s you.

You’ll be surprised at the response you get when you’re sincere and strong in your vulnerability. It’s a strength to be that sure of yourself, to know what works for you and what doesn’t.

It really is that simple.