Oh my gawd, I think I’m losing my mind! 

Tomorrow Mercury goes retrograde between July 7 to July 31. The planet will appear to be moving backwards along its normal course, but of course it won’t be, it’s just an illusion.

What won’t be an illusion? Feeling mixed up, communication with others being misunderstood, travel plans going wrong, and gadgets going haywire.

Mercury is the planet that rules communication, so expect there to be fiery emotions coming, and going, from many directions (I love you! I hate you!). Thanks a lot Mercury. That hotel reservation somehow getting cancelled? Mercury playing tricks on you. Signing contracts with the wrong information. Hello again, Mercury!

What to do?

SLOW DOWN. Keep your eyes open, listen more than you hear. Know that what someone says to you may not be what they mean, ask for clarification. Be extra, extra, extra careful about what you say and to whom, that bite on the ass will be extra hard when this all shakes out.  

Check and double check any travel plans–you want to go to Paris, France, but end up in Paris, Texas. I kid about that last one, but hey, stranger things have happened.

If you can help it, try to avoid making any deals that have long-lasting effects on your life, this is not the time.

I’m guilty of that even when Mercury isn’t in retrograde. Maybe I shouldn’t even be typing this. Too late!

One last note: Even though the retrograde starts tomorrow and ends on July 31, there is a shadow period when the effects can still be felt. The beginning of the shadow started June 20 and will end on August 15. So if things have already been wonky, you now know why.