The two cards above are about the harmony that can be had in change. The first card is of a man allowing his mind and his voice to be in concert with his heart. The second shows the Wheel of Life and all of the possible ways change may show up.

Yes, change is inevitable. The only thing that can stop it is death, unless you believe in reincarnation. 

Some have to be dragged kicking, screaming, and wailing into changing. Still others let it just happen to them without giving it thought or direction.

And then there are those who can appreciate change and see the balance, the harmony, within it. They are capable of staying detached, allowing them to make choices that are best for them

I was a combination of the first two. I would cling to the past, both good and bad. When not doing that, I’d shrug and let change happen, thinking I didn’t have a say. I would not allow myself to hear the beautiful melody being played.

I’ve learned some very important lessons in the last year about change. It is going to happen, and both the good and the bad must be let go of to move forward. Being shackled to either one keeps me in place.

Also, not being an active participant in change led to some very unintended consequences. 

I learned that I can see and feel change happen and choose my response. I can make the best choice based on what I know from experiences in the past, where I am right now, and what I want to happen. That is the harmony I refused to see and hear.

I work two days a week outside of my home. At first this was panic inducing because I’ve worked full time since the age of 18. Then, I realized what an amazing gift I’d been given.

I had received the gift of time.

This change allowed me to do somethings that I love, even though the money ain’t rollin’ in just yet. (That was part of the panic!) 

Every day I see where I can make choices to get what I want, to bring balance, to be in harmony with my life. Do I still have moments of uncertainty, anxiety, and getting allllll riled up? Fuck yes. 

But now I can see it for what it is—my resistance to the change that is happening. Now I know that I can do something about it. I can look for the gift, the harmony within it.

What is your relationship to change? Do you feel as though it’s gunning for you or do you like to attach a chain to what has been? Or, are you one of those that takes an active, though detached, role in it?