Unlock the answers you hold within your own intuition and receive channeled messages specifically for you.

You know exactly what it is you need to heal, but sometimes that info tucked deep into your subconscious mind, being whispered to you by your intuition, or being sent by your Guides, and can be hard to hear.

Reiki is energy and it is all around us. Translated from Japanese, reiki means universal life force – it’s what enlivens all of our actions and thoughts and feelings.

It is possible to harness this energy and use it to heal ourselves mentally, physically, and emotionally.

“Sacred Soul Alignments have the ability to effortlessly align your personal vibrational and frequency to unlock positive, energetic states of being such as abundance, peace, joy, happiness, health, love, compassion and that incomparably beautiful sense of Oneness and connection to All That Is.

They dissolve frequencies that are harmful such as hidden trauma, rage, resentment , shame, guilt — dense energies that can create insurmountable challenges, deep pain, overwhelming problems in your life including serious illness and dis-ease in your body.” Elysia Hartzell, creator of Sacred Soul Alignments