The Wheel of the Year is used by some modern Pagans and Wiccans to mark days they consider holy days or Sabbats. The Sabbats were historically recognized by the Gaelic cultures of Ireland and Scotland. The wheel has eight spokes that represent eight distinct times of the year, like Yule as the winter solstice in December and Samhain marking the time between autumn and winter on October 31.

The next Sabbat according to the wheel is Beltane on May 1. It marks the time between the spring equinox in March and the summer solstice in June. Beltane is a celebration of fertility, creation, sensuality. May 1 is also known around the world as May Day, also a time to celebrate the fertile earth. Celebrations for both include May poles and bon fires.

In many religions, this is a time of renewal and rebirth, of fertility and creation. So, whether you are Christian or Wiccan or anything else, now is a great time to give thanks for the fertile ground from which everything grows. Use this time to plant seeds (literally and figuratively) to harvest at a later time.

Think about what you would like to manifest in your life. Think about what you would like to shake off. If you can light a fire and spend some time outside all the better, but if not, a candle will do. Make a wreath of wild flowers and birch branches. But all you really need to do to experience and enjoy this time is to reflect on the bounty offered to us every day.

A really helpful guide about Beltane, from a really wonderful woman can be found here. Anne Hayman is the wise, witchy woman who runs The Moon Sisterhood. She publishes many wonderful guides about ritual and honoring the person you are.