CARD:  The World (reversed)

Dead or Sleeping?

Upright this card symbolizes completion, the end of a relationship or a particular time in your life. And sometimes completion doesn’t mean you lose something you love—a relationship may be ending a difficult time and moving into something better. 

Reversed, something has stalled and it’s up to you to get it moving again. Everything comes to an end, everything changes. 

Resisting having that conversation with your boss about getting a raise? When are you going to tell that so-called friend to kick rocks? Allow yourself to make the move to starting your own business.

If you resist you’ll stay frustrated, wondering why you can’t move ahead. You have to allow the energy to flow. You’ve gotten way too used standing still.

Does it feel dangerous? Yes! It’s supposed to, if it were easy and comfy you wouldn’t be here, waiting, you’d have moved on to the new.

And for fuck’s sake, stop waiting for everything to be juuuust right. That’s never going to happen! 

Are you dead or are you sleeping? You’re surely not dead if you’re reading this. WAKE UP!!!  

And if by chance you are dead and reading this? Pop on by, let’s have a chat. I’ve got the Scotch, you bring the biscuits.

(Song:  Satin In A Coffin by Modest Mouse)