Kathryn Thomas

Holistic Life Guide


Life. Balanced.

I knew from an early age that I picked up on things that others didn’t.  Sometimes it was on the physical plane, a glance or breath being held.  Other times, it was something else entirely, like knowing someone’s name before meeting them.  I didn’t always believe what I was observing, but at a certain point I had to recognize that maybe it was real.

I learned to read tarot and oracle cards to have a better connection with the energetic beings I couldn’t see.  I became a reiki master and certified in transcendental dowsing to be able to shift non-beneficial energy.  And finally, I became a holistic wellness coach to assist with the experiences and energies that exist in the physical world.

I’m all about vibrations, beneficial energy, a little bit of common sense, and a whole lotta love. If you’re looking for the chance to experience this online, go ahead and click the button, book a session, and let’s get started!